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The Personal Histories Project


Sir David Attenborough and `Animal, vegetable, or mineral?'


In October 2009, we welcomed David Attenborough to share his memories with Personal Histories. David Attenborough spoke about his experiences as a young assistant producer of the iconic and immensely popular BBC television quiz programme, `Animal, vegetable or mineral?', during the early 1950s. As he stated in an earlier letter to the Personal histories team, `I have many vivid memories of Glyn Daniel, Mortimer Wheeler and others as well as having something to do with Buried Treasure, Chronicle and the Silbury Hill excavation.' The event saw a huge crowd come to hear and share in these memories, and the full film will be available to view soon, after release by the editor.

Read about this event, as reported in `Archaeology becomes a sensation' (British Archaeology, Jan–Feb 2010).

The transcription is available from the Division of Archaeology's web site.

A virtual exhibition of the event can be viewed here

David Attenbro in text