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The Personal Histories Project


Our film making workshops provide a basic understanding of the use of film making equipment, and build on this knowledge by equipping participants with the knowledge required to edit footage and create insightful, and informative stories through short films.

I. Camera Equipment
     1. Use of Panasonic HDC-TM900 cameras
          a. Auto vs manual functions
          b. Manual focus
          c. Adjusting white balance, shutter speed, ISO, gain
     2. Use of tripods
     3. Use of headphones and lapel mics

II. Filmmaking to tell a story
     1. Assist groups in shooting a short film

III. Capturing and editing footage
     1. How to transfer files from the camera to the computer
     2. Using iMovie software
          a. Creating projects
          b. Editing clips
          c. Applying visual effects and transitions
          d. Creating title screens or overlays
          e. Editing audio and laying new tracks
          f. Exporting final film