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The Personal Histories Project


40 Years of Computer Applications and Quantitive Methods in Archaeology (CAA) Conference

The organisers would like to thank all the discussants for their great personal stories: Sue Laflin, Phil Barker, Paul Reilly, Nick Ryan, Clive Orton, Irwin Scollar, John Wilcock, Hans Kamermans and Gary Lock. We would also like to thank Gary Lock for moderating the session. The CAA organising committee and CAA members are thanked for their help and support. The SUSUtv team (Dom Kullander, Alastair Mogford, Jamie Chadd, Cassie Robinson, Constantin Placking, Lauren Baker) did a great job recording the session and interviews, the editing was done by Dom Kullander, we are very grateful for their stellar work. The Personal Histories project team is thanked for their inspiration and guidance. The CAA Personal Histories session was organised by Tom Brughmans, Gareth Beale and Pamela Jane Smith.