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The Personal Histories Project


Personal histories of TAG

A seminar organised by Pamela Jane Smith, on 16th December, 2008, at the annual conference of the Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG), 2008, University of Southampton.


  • Andrew Fleming
  • Richard Bradley
  • Clive Gamble
  • Tim Darvill
  • Colin Renfrew
  • Duncan Brown
  • Tim Champion

An oral history of TAG through 31 years is presented by the two original founders of TAG, Professor Colin Renfrew, Cambridge, and Professor Andrew Fleming, University of Wales, and Professor Richard Bradley from the University of Reading, Professor Clive Gamble, Royal Holloway, University of London, Professor Timothy Darvill from Bournemouth University, Duncan Brown from the Southampton City Council and Professor Tim Champion from the University of Southampton recounting their memories.

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