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The Personal Histories Project


An oral history of gendered analyses in archaeology

A Seminar Organised by Pamela Jane Smith on 22nd October 2007


  • William Wyse
  • Professor of Social Anthropology Henrietta Moore
  • Professor Meg Conkey
  • Professor Ruth Tringham
  • Professor Alison Wylie
  • Dr Kate Pretty

Four of most eminent scholars in archaeology, William Wyse Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, Henrietta Moore, Professor Meg Conkey from University of California at Berkeley, Professor Ruth Tringham also from Berkeley and Professor Alison Wylie from the University of Washington recount and analyse their memories and young experiences as they pioneered early 'post-processual' symbolic, gendered and structural approaches to archaeological analyses during the 1970s.

Download an MP3 audio recording of Personal histories retrospect here.