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The Personal Histories Project


Our Oral History Method and Skills workshops cover the basics of conducting oral histories, including:

I. Audio Recording
     1. Importance of audio in film and having a good audio track
     2. How to set up for an interview
          a. Choosing a setting
          b. Taking time to check audio levels before recording
          c. Getting subject's permission

II. Audio Equipment
     1. Onboard camera mics vs. external mics or lapel mics
     2. Use of headphones
     3. How to plug into audio feeds at venues
     4. Use of audio recorders

III. Editing Audio
     1. How to transfer audio tracks from the recording devices
     2. Audacity audio editing software
          a. Delete unwanted segments
          b. Raise and lower audio decibel levels
          c. Export various audio formats

See our Events page for information on any upcoming workshops.